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Many cricket formats don’t have a formal timing that dictates when they are supposed to end. This is in contrast to other sports like football, where it is known that a match should finish when the 90 minutes are reached. From time to time some extra-long cricket matches take place, and fans can wager on them at the http://www.in.1xbet.com website.

This means that under certain conditions, it might happen that a cricket match is played over extremely long periods of time. This can be intentional or unintentional.

There is a match that is currently recognized as the Longest Marathon Playing Cricket. It took place in June 2012, and cricketers from the Loughborough University Staff Cricket Club played for 150 hours and 14 minutes in England.

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However, what’s even more remarkable about this feat is that it was played non-stop. Obviously, the players rotated, but this doesn’t make the achievement any less remarkable. When these fantastic cricket matches are being played, it is possible to place wagers on them at the 1xBet betting platform. 

Some details about these kinds of matches

There are some considerations that must be taken into account for a match to qualify as a record cricket marathon. It is possible to make cricket bets and win – 1xBet has a complete section dedicated to this discipline, where punters can also wager on these matches.

Some of these considerations are:

  • for every hour of cricket played, breaks of no more than 5 minutes are allowed;
  • there are limited numbers of substitutions;
  • also, it is not possible to take extended breaks between innings.
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These requirements make these cricket marathons highly demanding for all who participate in them. The 1xBet platform allows its members to make cricket bets and win with all their guesses, which can also be made on matches of this kind.

Other record-breaking attempts

While the aforementioned record took place in England, in many other countries there have been attempts to break them. These matches can also be wagered at http://in.1xbet.com/mobile using mobile gadgets.

For example, back in 2003, the Cricket Club des Ormes from France tried to establish a record of their own. In June of that year, they were capable of playing non-stop cricket for 26 hours and 15 minutes. This motivated other clubs to surpass this feat.

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After that, year by year new records of cricket marathons were being broken. This was done in many other places around the world, including the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Whenever these fantastic contests are played, make sure to wager on them at the 1xBet betting platform.

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