The bitcoin is stored in digital wallets where only the digital signature of its owner is shown, so it is challenging to know who those who own such significant amounts of cryptocurrencies are. Cryptocurrency investment guidelines are also a must as of now.

The secret of success is not revealing the identity of the users

All transactions between individuals are propagated in a public and encrypted way to the rest of the network without revealing the identity of the owners of each virtual wallet

The 1,000 great fortunes in Bitcoin do not belong to millionaires of the Stock Market; on the contrary, they are the entrepreneurs of technology or casual investors who envisioned a future opportunity in it

It is believed that possibly several of them know each other and logically may be coordinating their trading for juicy and common interests.

Crypto millionaire people today

The first investors in cryptocurrencies can be the most millionaire people today in the virtual market, thanks to the implementation of the reserve strategy, which consisted of investing and leaving there as in oblivion to obtain future profits.

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In March 2011, a bitcoin account began to buy the tokens, and no sale of any has been registered, being the owner of a fortune of 4.8 billion dollars.

The 1000 holders of bitcoin handle about 3 million of them, which represents a seventh of the total offer of it, and where very few have revealed their identity

The twins CAMERON AND TYLER WINKLEVOSS behind the legal conflict with MARK ZUCKERBERG for the autonomy of the FACEBOOK idea, invested in 120,000 bitcoins during 2012, an amount that became 7200 million dollars that same year

The creators of current blockchains such as Ethereum have great fortunes; Vitalik Buterin received from his co-founders 553 thousand ether, an amount equivalent to 230 million dollars.

This issue is very controversial since speculations are many regarding the identities and amounts of fortunes believed to be part of the 1000 creditors.

One of the main advantages of cryptocurrencies is the security policies, which include the discretion and anonymity of the personal data of those who invest in them.

Many people invest daily in cryptocurrencies, hoping that they have the same luck as these millionaires who one day had the same vision and achieved very significant long-term results.

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Cryptocurrencies represent a solid and invaluable fortune in all the people who own them worldwide. This sum, both in value and in the number of investors, favors their support and credibility, attracting more and more investors to the virtual market.

This group of people who handle large amounts of Bitcoin sometimes do not carry out any commercial exchange; they only have these large sums of coins there as savings to produce long-term profits.

This is where these great capitals come from that, with a bit of luck in the revaluation of the markets and said cryptocurrencies, lead the majority of determined and confident investors to the top of economic stability, making them millionaires.

The opportunities to emerge and grow economically are made available to people of any economic level; you just have to have the decision and a clear vision of what you want to achieve for your life.

Take risks and assume challenges

Investments in these virtual markets are about; selecting one or more cryptocurrencies that are good and profitable is the best investment option.

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You can start by trying your luck in digital markets. According to the experience obtained, the level of investment increases until a large sum is achieved that provides the satisfaction of having made the best decision in life.

To obtain fruits, profits, profitability, and the long-awaited economic solvency that is massively pursued today, where everything revolves around the money held in an account, lies in knowing how to invest.

Top 5 cryptocurrency big-holders

It is difficult to determine the largest crypto holders because they are often reluctant to discuss their buying and selling decisions for fear of hacking, tax authorities, and other risks.

  • Although one can publicly name among the most significant cryptocurrency holders
  • Brian Armstrong, co-founder of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, 
  • Sam Bankman-Fried, founder of cryptocurrency exchange FTX, 
  • Barry Silbert, founder, and CEO of Digital Currency Group, 
  • The founding team of Binance Smart Chain 


Blockchains can facilitate public monitoring of the flow of cryptocurrencies; they also hide the identity of their owners. Some apps, like Nansen, try to match blockchain addresses with mutual funds and other large holders, but they can be unreliable.

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