What does BTTS mean in betting?

The term BTTS in the football betting market is regarded as the ‘both teams to score.’ In this kind of bet, you wager on whether both the teams score or not. So, there are two options here BTTS: Yes or BTTS: No. 

It is one of the most popular and unique types of market in football betting. You can also combine this with other types of markets and draw great results. 

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Common BTTS Variants

BTTS: This is the original yet simplest form of the BTTS bet. Here you’ll only choose between yes or no. That means you’re simpling betting on whether the teams will score or not. 

First half BTTS: In this variant, you’re only betting on whether the teams will score in the first half or not. 

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Second half BTTS: This is the opposite of the first half BTTS. Here you’ll be betting on whether the teams will score in the second half or not. 

BTTS in Both Halves: This one’s the riskiest yet it pays the highest. Here depending on what option you chose, you’ll be betting on whether the teams will score in both halves or not. 

BTTS and Over/Under: In this bet, you’ll be wagering upon the BTTS and the number of combined goals in the match. 

BTTS and Win: Here you’ll be wagering on both teams to score and predict the winner of the match. 

What rules apply

Different betting sites have their own rules for both teams to score. However, the general ones remain the same worldwide. This includes that if you’re betting on the BTTS: Yes, then the teams have to score goals, even if just once. You can start betting from singles and then move upwards. Anyways, keep in mind that the abandoned or the postponed matches will not be counted and removed from your accumulator bet. 

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Other types of BTTS bets

Both teams not to score

This bet is something else than the BTTS. As there are so many possibilities for the teams to score, the payout isn’t that much here. But, if you bet on the teams not to score, the possibilities are low and the odds are high. You can place a bet on both teams not to score, when you’re predicting a goalless draw, winning teams with no goal and keeping a clean sheet. It would be best if you bet on a match-winner with no goal. 

Match winner and both teams to score

Now when you’re familiar with the BTTS meaning, this is a unique type of BTTS bet where you not only want both teams to score, but also you want to back the one that’ll win. Or otherwise, you’ll lose your money, if you’ll back the losing team. Well, here we recommend you to not pick your team based on just favouritism. Instead, go with the one that is regularly scoring goals. In an ideal case, your winning team should have at least 2 more goals than the losing one. 

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5 things you should look out for

To get the best out of the BTTS market, here are the five things you should consider. 

Game Tactics: Observe the tactics of the match. For instance, 4-3-3 will be a typical side of the attacking team. But, 5-4-1 can be the more cautious one. 

Team News: Keep yourself updated with the team news, as any change in it can change the whole game. For instance, if the goalkeeper is changed at that very moment, the chances of both teams scoring can fall. 

Home/Away Performance: Before supporting any team in the BTTS market, see if they’re playing at home or away. Many teams change their game plan accordingly. So, you must bet accordingly. 

Match Context: Learn the background of the game, because if it’s just a boring match, maybe both the teams will put little effort to score. 

Strikers: So, if there are scoring players in the team, that means the chances of both teams to score will increase. And it doesn’t matter whether they’re in the front line up or not.

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