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Many people love to travel across the world and have many adventurous activities. Making a solo trip is preferred by many people as it gives quite an amazing experience. It gives a sense of independence with invigoration on the solo trip, especially for women. You need to know essential travel safety tips before taking a solo trip. As a girl, you must follow pertinent travel tips to stay safe and enjoy the solo trip.


Are you planning to make a solo trip to your dream destination? Planning is quite important instead of leaving things to chance. It would help if you keep your friends and family informed about the plan for a stress-free journey. Researching about the place you like to visit, public transportation, hotel booking and many others are necessary. Having a solid foundation for travel plans lets you enjoy the trip.

Know About Local Customs

It’s quite common for every country to have their unique traditions, distinct cultures and local customs. You need to understand the difference beforehand for navigating in the country. It helps to blend in with people and make the trip entertaining.

Identify The Local Embassy

Knowing the distance between the local Embassy from your destination is most important when travelling solo. You can reach them immediately in case of an emergency. It gives extra protection for your journey. You can contact the embassy if your passport is stolen, there are flight issues, missing IDs or any other.

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Update To Your Family Member

Enjoying the trip is important but staying in touch with family members and friends is necessary. You need to update them about your whereabouts, plans and locations. It will be helpful in any worst-case scenarios.

Travel Insurance

Purchasing travel insurance is most important for ensuring that you enjoy the trip peacefully. The main reason is that travel is quite hard to predict. Certain scenarios like missed flights, natural disasters and many others could hit anytime. It would help if you had extra care on your journey. Having travel insurance is the best inexpensive option for making your travel enjoyable.

Wearing Backpack

On your trip, you need to be cautious with your belongings. Wearing backpacks on the front is quite an efficient option. You can see everything, and it is quite accessible for having a quick hand. You can have the travel backpack with a 360º zipper which helps to pack and unpack quickly. You can choose a backpack that is quite comfy to carry everywhere.

Book The Hotel

Planning for the trip with hotel booking is important as these give hassle-free accommodations. In the modern day, online booking facilities are available, which makes your hotel booking easier. Hotels also have a safe. You can use the safe to keep your passport, ID, emergency money, credit card, etc.


Keep An Eye On Travel Advisories

Normally, some countries are quite safer while others are not. You need to keep an eye on the travel advice in these countries. It is more important for solo female travellers to look for travel advisories. Also, follow the local events and news updates. It helps you to come up with a plan when there is an emergency.

Create A Detailed Itinerary

Do you like to travel internationally as a solo female traveller? Make a detailed itinerary about your travel, which helps you keep everything organised. Some of the details include days planning on staying, intended destination, tentative, and more.

Try To Learn Local Languages

Speaking the local language is quite helpful for your travel. You can try to learn about common terms used for speaking. These helpful phrases, greetings, basic questions, and others are suitable for travelling to your destination. You can also use Google Translate and other apps to help translate.

Safer Transportation

Have you booked transportation? You need to look for the company logo on boards or T-Shirts before leaving with an unknown person. Upon arriving at your destination, you could see many people ready to offer you a lift. Please ignore them and head to the point of contact.

Dress Appropriately

You need to be aware of the areas where there is more theft. Do not wear expensive jewellery in these areas. Do not wear booty shorts in a place where people wear long skirts or traditional dresses. You need to wear the appropriate clothing based on the culture of the locals. It is safer to blend in.

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Make Additional Research

Solo travelling internationally is quite enjoyable, but you need to do more research on the country. Look for travel blogs or firsthand travel experiences to learn more.

Have A Money Belt

It’s quite necessary to protect your money on the trip. The main reason is that you could see a lot of Pickpocketing and theft. Buy the money belt to get added protection.

Resist Oversharing

Some travellers also post and share information about their trip on various sites. These could also make you an easy target. You must not post the exact location on social media platforms while travelling.

Connect With Other Solo Travellers

Are you feeling nervous about your trip? No worries! You could get in touch with other solo travellers to make the trip exciting. You can find many communities on Reddit and Facebook for solo travelling.

Buy Local SIM

Internet access is quite necessary for finding a location or communication. A local phone number or SIM makes it efficient to get in touch with you. You cannot find Wi-Fi everywhere, so having a local SIM is beneficial during an emergency.

Carry Identification Documents

Make sure to carry your identification documents for safer travel. You can use the regular anti-theft bag to safeguard your money. Avoid carrying all the money with you on the trip. It creates more attention towards you while travelling.


No matter your location, making your trip enjoyable and safer is important. Above are some of the important safety tips for female solo travellers which you can follow.

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