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One of the most iconic wristwatch manufacturers today is Patek Philippe, which offers various wristwatch collections that answer the different needs of wristwatch enthusiasts. Their company has been one of the longest-standing wristwatch brands in the market. You can always rely on them to produce a quality timepiece that will be within your money’s worth.

Their brand and the multiple productions of wristwatches can also be a good investment as most of their wrist watches constantly rise in their value, being sold at auctions higher than their original price. They have also been viewed as one of the most innovative companies that helps the wristwatch industry during its dire moments.

Suppose that you are still new to the wristwatch market and not familiar with today’s available timepieces. We have picked the best wristwatches from one of their collections called Patek Philippe Nautilus to give you some ideas and recommendations for your next purchase.

Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph Black Dial Men’s Watch

The first one in our list from the Patek Nautilus is the model 5990/1A-001, a men’s watch released in 2014. This timepiece is one of the masterpieces proudly produced and is considered one of the leading timepieces from this collection by many wristwatch enthusiasts.

You will have this timepiece with stainless steel for its casing, with a transparent back with a cushion. It also comes with a size of 40.5 millimeters for its diameter and 12.53 millimeters for its height. You will have this timepiece built with a stainless steel material for its casing; it is also matched with a stainless steel band that gives the overall look of a striking color of silver.

This timepiece is an analog type with a black color dial that makes it darker than the usual because an overall silver color surrounds it. You will also get this timepiece with a feature of luminous hands that makes it possible for you to track the time even in dark and gloomy places. It also has a water resistance of 120 meters which is always an excellent additional feature.

Nautilus Brown Dial 18k Rose Gold Men’s Chronograph Watch

The second and subsequent wristwatch from our best Patek Philippe Nautilus list is one of their most notable timepiece productions. The model 5980R-001 is another men’s watch made with a unique material of rose gold for its casing. It has a skeleton back with a unique shape of the oval that is unusual from your regular round shape timepieces.

You will also get this timepiece with a size of 40.5 millimeters in diameter, which is a robust size wristwatch. The rose gold color of its casing is paired with a leather band that provides the wearers a comfortable experience. The dial color is black with a luminescence finish, and it also has a rose gold-tone hand like the casing itself.

The movements of this timepiece are caliber Patek Philippe Calibre 28-520 C that has a reserve of more or less 50 hours when fully wound. On top of everything that we have mentioned, you will also enjoy the 120 meters of water resistance, making this durable and immune to minimal water activities that you may want to do.

Nautilus Silver Dial Men’s Watch 

The third and last timepiece we will recommend to you is the model 5711/1A-011 from the Patek Philippe Nautilus collection. This timepiece has one of the most striking appearances with its overall stainless material from its casing and band. The overall silver color and the white dial bring you an elegant and sophisticated touch that can be a good way of earning an excellent first impression.

The case of this wristwatch has a transparent back with an oval shape of about 40 millimeters and 8.3 millimeters in height. The movement has a Patek Philippe Calibre 324 S C with 29 jewels and a 35-45 reserved. You will also get this timepiece with a 28800 bph and a time tracker of seconds, minutes, and hours. 

Lastly, one of the most outstanding features that you will like is the water resistance that helps this timepiece to survive your different adventure in life.


One of the many major and well-respected wristwatch brands is the Patek Philippe, which helps the wristwatch industry elevate into a new level of quality and sophistication. As Patek Philippe’s brand has already produced quality timepieces, you decide to choose what wristwatch best suits your lifestyle and fashion. We hope this article helps you out in picking the best Patek Philippe timepiece for your collection or for starting one!

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