Jharbhoomi, the official land record portal for Jharkhand, is an integral part of the National Land Records Modernisation Program. This online platform aims to provide transparent, accessible, and up-to-date information about land and property records in Jharkhand.

Key Features of Jharbhoomi

Online Tax PaymentsFacilitates the payment of land taxes online through the portal.
Land Record AccessProvides access to detailed land records, including khatian, register II, and mutation status.
User Registration and LoginMandatory for accessing certain services on the portal.
Complaint FilingEnables users to file grievances related to land records directly on the portal.
Contact InformationOffers official contact details for user support and queries.

Steps for Accessing Jharbhoomi Services

ServiceSteps to Access
Paying Taxes Online1. Visit portal. 2. Select ‘Online Lagan’. 3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
Checking Land Records1. Visit the portal. 2. Select the relevant section (e.g., Khatian, Register II). 3. Enter required details.
Registering on the Portal1. Visit the portal. 2. Click ‘Register’. 3. Fill in the registration form.
Filing a Complaint1. Navigate to ‘Public Grievance’ section. 2. Enter complaint details and submit.

Benefits of Jharbhoomi

Transparency in Land Record ManagementEnsures all records are accurate and easily accessible, reducing the risk of fraud.
Time-Efficient ServicesOnline services save time compared to traditional, in-person methods.
Ease of Property TransactionsSimplifies the process of buying, selling, and verifying property.
Legal and Financial UtilityEssential for various legal and financial processes, such as applying for loans.

झारभूमि Contact Details

Contact TypeDetails
AddressDepartment of Revenue, Registration and Land Reforms, Government of Jharkhand, Ranchi, Jharkhand 834004
Phone+91 0651-2446066
Email[email protected]

झारभूमि Naksha

Jharbhoomi Naksha provides a detailed map of lands and properties in Jharkhand, accessible through the portal. Users can view precise information about land boundaries, sizes, and locations.

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Accessing Jharbhoomi Naksha

1Visit Jharbhoomi Naksha
2Select district, circle, halka, mauza, sheet number
3View corresponding plot maps

jharbhoomi.nic.in mutation Mutation (Dakhil Kharij)

Mutation refers to updating land records with the latest ownership details post a property transaction.

jharbhoomi.nic.in mutation Mutation Process

1Visit Jharbhoomi portal
2Choose ‘Dakhil Kharij’ option
3Enter required details for mutation

Jharbhoomi Register-II

Register-II is a vital record containing details like land type, jamabandi number, khesra number, and khata number.

1Go to Jharbhoomi portal
2Select ‘See Account & Register-II’
3Enter district name, area, land type, account number

Online Lagan (Tax) Payment

Jharbhoomi facilitates the online payment of land taxes through its portal.

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Online Lagan jharkhand

1Access Jharbhoomi portal
2Click ‘Online Lagan’, then ‘Pay Online’
3Fill details and make payment

Jharsewa and Jharkhand Bhumi Sudhar

These are related services aimed at improving land management and providing various online facilities for land records in Jharkhand.

What is Jharbhoomi

Jharbhoomi, the official land record portal for Jharkhand, is an integral part of the National Land Records Modernisation Program.

How can I check ownership of land in Jharkhand?

To check the ownership of land in Jharkhand, you can use the Jharbhoomi portal. The process includes selecting the ‘Khesra-wise Details’ tab, entering all necessary details like Mauja name, Khesra number, account number, or account holder name, and then clicking on the ‘Search Account’ button. The revenue record information will then appear on the screen.

What is the history of land records in India?

The history of land records in India dates back centuries, with various systems and practices evolving over time across different regions. Traditionally, land records were maintained manually, but with the advent of technology and the push for digitization, many states have moved to online systems. This transition aims to improve transparency, accuracy, and ease of access to land records.

What is the official portal of Jharbhoomi?

The official portal of Jharbhoomi for Jharkhand land records is jharbhoomi.jharkhand.gov.in

How many types of land are there in Jharkhand?

In Jharkhand, different types of land are categorized based on ownership, usage, and legal status, such as agricultural land, non-agricultural land, tribal land (governed under specific acts like CNT and SPT Act), and government land. The specific number and classification can vary and are subject to the state’s land and revenue regulations.

What is land mutation?

Land mutation refers to the process of changing the title ownership of a property in the official records of the local municipal body. It is a crucial step in property transactions, as it involves removing the previous owner’s name from the records and entering the new owner’s name. This process is legally necessary to establish the new owner’s claim over the property.


Jharbhoomi has revolutionized the way land records are managed in Jharkhand. By providing an easy-to-use, online platform, it has made land record management more efficient, transparent, and user-friendly. This initiative significantly contributes to the reduction of illegal property possession and facilitates the easy payment of property taxes, making it an invaluable resource for landowners, buyers, and the government alike.

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