Swift s CNG Maruti Suzuki has launched the Swift s CNG in India

According to Maruti Suzuki chairman RC Bhargava, India’s largest passenger car manufacturer, has launched the Swift S CNG in India. The company plans to produce and sell approx.—10000 cars in this category by the end of this fiscal year. 

The new Swift S CNG comes from Maruti Suzuki, taking feedback from Swift S customers who are increasingly looking for sustainable modes of transportation to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on gas prices. It was released in India on 22nd Feb 2011. The price of the car for the Indian market is Rs. 7, 08,240 ($1,216) approx.

According to Mr. R K Sharma, President – Sales and Marketing, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, “The next wave of buyers will be more conscious about sustainability and driving down impact on the environment with such products that give a bigger fill-up at fewer visits to fueling stations.

Why did India launch the Swift s cng in India?

  • Since gas and fuel are soaring up, it is high time to launch this eco-friendly and economical car.
  • It will reduce the process of travelling in CNG, and it will also help the environment as it will reduce carbon footprint and also help save money on gas station visits which can be used for other things.
  • Due to its high speed and fuel economy, it is an economical car to go for with low maintenance costs
  • The company has taken the feedback of its customers and targeted a perfect audience for this product
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How does CNG work?

CNG is a compound of methane, a natural hydrocarbon gas. Compressed natural gas (CNG) technology involves converting the stored chemical energy from methane into mechanical energy used in vehicles. Natural gas is cleaner to burn than gasoline and petroleum-based diesel; it is commonly used as an alternative fuel for internal combustion engines.

Advantages of using CNG as a fuel for cars and trucks free of lead

  • It will reduce the carbon footprint and also help in saving money on gas station visits which can be used for other things
  • It will also help in reducing the process of travelling in CNG, and it will also help the environment as it will reduce the carbon footprint
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How to switch from gasoline to CNG?

This is relatively easy. The first thing that you must do is that you have to switch out the old filling point that was connected to a gas/petrol pump with a new CNG filling point. You can choose any CNG filling point around your locality for this purpose. The next step is to change your old car’s fuel system by changing the two fuel rails at the back of your car.

What is the future of CNG as a fuel?

CNG is considered to be an alternative fuel in many countries. It has been used in India for over 30 years, with over 70,000 CNG stations nationwide. It may not be widespread in the US because of its low usage and poor infrastructure. However, this may change over the next few years, considering natural gas prices are much lower than gasoline prices.

In 2011, Maruti Suzuki announced that they planned to sell approx. 500000 cars .with the launch of the CNG car; it will aim to sell 10000 cars by June 2011, which is a good target for this year. This has made Swift CNG MARUTI to be the fastest-selling car in India.

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Why is CNG a good product for car users?

CNG stands for Compressed Natural Gas. CNG is a cleaner, more efficient fuel than gasoline or diesel. It releases approximately 1/3rd of the greenhouse gas emissions of gasoline.

Critics claim switching from petroleum to natural gas as an engine fuel would be very difficult and expensive. They also have to do with another disadvantage: they will have to pay more than petrol or diesel because of the low prices of natural gas in India. But Maruti claims their customers will get more fill-ups at lower costs, which will also help reduce their carbon footprint.

A new generation of car users has emerged in India. These people are more conscious of their environment and see the need to be environmentally responsible. This is why Maruti Suzuki has launched this cng car for Indian customers.

This product will be successful in India as it is a good combination of economical, eco-friendly and fuel efficient. It will reduce carbon footprint. Not only this, but it also helps save money because of lower gas prices.

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