As an investor that aims at having value for his investments, it is wise to pick the best cryptocurrency broker who is reliable and can offer you the best options for your trade. They must also be reliable sources of information. Information, they say is power. So you must be equipped with the right information about a particular asset. And to get this information, you must pick the best cryptocurrency blogs and websites that would help you make better decisions. 

A blog is an online platform, where readers, writers and even creatives are engaged in thoughts and views about a particular topic. Reliable information can be gotten first-hand from these blogs and websites and they must be verifiable. 

As a crypto trader or investor, it is wise to look at blogs with good content and information and to do that, you have to look out for some characteristics in these websites and blogs. This article will discuss some characteristics of a good blog/website and the best cryptocurrency blog/website. 

Characteristics Of a Good Crypto Blog and Website

  1. Dynamism: A good cryptocurrency blog must be dynamic and flexible. It should be able to capture the attention of readers and engage them. Unlike a website which is most times static, a good crypto blog must be updated regularly with fresh content.
  1. Structured: A good crypto blog/ website must be structured in such a way that information is easily understood by the reader. It should contain headings and subheadings with navigation bars so that the content is cohesive.
  1. Relevance: Relevant content should be supplied in a good crypto blog/ website. Rather than going off-topic and discussing topics that might not be useful to the users, it is important to main the right subject. The blog should direct users to relevant websites that would help the user get more information on a particular digital asset.
  1. Communication: Communication with the reader should be one of the primary focuses of the blog. Ideas and strategies should be well spelt out and communicated efficiently to the user. 
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Looking out for some of these features will help a user know the best crypto blog or websites to get information. 

10 Best Cryptocurrency Blogs/Websites

Coin Market Cap

The coin market cap website focuses mainly on analyzing the crypto market, which includes price charts, market cap and volumes traded on a particular day. When you want to get the daily trading volume of digital assets as well as their history, the coin market cap might just be that website. 

The coin market cap also shows the initial coin offering for new coins and trending assets. Important details such as the current coin in circulation and the all-time highs/lows of coins can also be seen there.  


Forbes is a versed website that covers numerous areas including finance, technology and even gaming which is becoming very popular among crypto users. Cryptocurrency topics are presented on their websites as well as important crypto news. Forbes is one of the biggest and most travelled websites globally. 

A unique feature of Forbes is the timely strategies and advice dished out to their users through their daily articles published on the official website. Expert advice is also an added advantage that can be gotten in Forbes. 

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Crypto Daily

Crypto Daily is an unbiased crypto blog/website that accurately presents crypto news to users. Trending topics on digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other trending assets can be found there. 

NFT-related content as well as the rapidly growing Metaverse network is a feature of the Crypto daily. It has a very good user interface and users can search for the latest in the crypto world.

Coin Telegraph

Coin Telegraph is a cryptocurrency website that has exciting content on cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology is well analyzed in coin telegraph in such a way that new crypto investors understand what it means and how it works. The website has experienced writers who manage the articles. 

The use of comics is a unique feature that makes reading on the coin Telegraph website interesting and captivating. It gives additional information on topics that might not have been clearer earlier.  


Coin desk is a big cryptocurrency website that has varieties of topics ranging from technology to stocks up to businesses too. Regardless of the topics featured, cryptocurrency is closely tied to each topic. The website features the current prices of some digital assets and a chart of these assets.

New users can find relevant articles in the educational section. There, crash courses are presented in such a way that new users can follow up and attempt trading themselves. There is an interview section where experts air their ideas on topics and trends. 


The Olymp trade blog is a financial market blog that focuses on cryptocurrencies. Additionally, they feature stocks and forex markets and help users make informed decisions. The blog has an education section where users are helped to understand the crypto market and avoid mistakes that might cost them. 

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They also have an analytic section where market trends are analyzed for traders. With this feature, users can make a better call on trades. Experts share ideas on crypto trends and financial advice is given to users. 


Coinquora is a platform where users can interact and get information. When you are looking for answers to crypto questions, coin quora is your website. Useful information is disseminated such that beginners can be able to choose what they want. 

Expert ideas and predictions is a key features of this website and can be very useful to a trader who might need to make a market call.  


The CCN is a beautiful blog that features several cryptocurrency topics. With their simple but elegant layout, users can be able to navigate smoothly and also search on any topic of their choice. CCN features topics outside crypto that might interest the user. 


When you are looking for a website that has the latest news on Bitcoin, NewsBTC is the one for you. The website features information that relates to bitcoin and relevant advice to traders. Other digital assets such as Ethereum are discussed on this website. Expert interviews are also another feature of NewsBTC.

 Daily Coin

When it comes to getting reliable and first-hand news on cryptocurrency, the Daily coin website is the one. They have great writers who are up-to-date in the event of things globally. New users are taught how to blend into the crypto world.  Various digital assets are also analyzed for users. 

There are other fantastic blogs and websites that are reliable but these ones are very reliable and tested.  

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