The purpose of college is not just to train you for the job market. It is meant to sharpen your mind such that you can also become a job creator. In fact, some of the most successful entrepreneurs around the world started their businesses in college. These entrepreneurs serve as an example of how to exploit the potential of college life to set up success businesses.

But what makes college an ideal place to set up your startup? A college student has the time between lectures to sharpen the idea and prepare it for the market. Prudent students give out their assignments to professional custom dissertation services so that they have more time to polish their ideas.

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The expenses involved when going through college are minimal. A student receives financial support from parents, guardians, loans, and other sources. If the money is spent well, it can help fund the initial stages of developing an idea. Further, venture capitalists are loaming around colleges looking for brilliant ideas to fund. If yours is picked, you stand an excellent chance of turning it into a profitable venture.



While the internet is full of stores selling different wares, there can never be enough of them to stop others from sprouting. Starting an online store is cheaper since it only requires an online platform like a website or social media page. There are free platforms that can serve a simple store. An ordinary phone can be used to take photos of the merchandise you are selling. You may also opt to use photos provided by manufacturers. Such measures reduce your cost of setup to almost nil. The range of goods you can sell is endless. Manufacturers are also willing to support such ventures.

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Blogging is no longer a leisure activity. If you can create fabulous content that captures the attention of readers, the traffic will be sufficient to earn you a decent return. You become an authority in your blogging area and can continue with the blog after graduation. It is one of the cheapest business ideas for college students.


Can you show passion for a product or service and capture the attention of the public? Then try a career as a social media influencer. You will use your accounts to review products and recommend them to your followers. You have to gather a huge following and learn to engage them to become an influencer.

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What skills do you possess that other people may require? Are you an instrumentalist, safety expert, sporting guru, or what can you share with the world? Prepare videos using your phone and upload them online. Eventually, you will be a global tutor.

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