If you are seeking a desirable project management course that leads to certification then Prince2® online training is the one for you. Prince2® Training is said to be an excellent option for busy project managers who want to earn their Prince2® certification. So, if you are interested yet have some doubts then this post can help you. 

Let’s start with what Prince2 is and then you can have a clear understanding of what the training is.

What is Prince2?

One of the most desired project management certificates which have a great demand now among learners is Prince2. Prince2® is a project management credential that gives you an advantage over other project managers with better employment opportunities throughout the world. In Prince2® training, there are two levels of certification: Foundation & Practitioner.

Prince2® is, in fact, an acronym. It stands for Projects in Controlled Environments. Prince2® has a specified environment with specific criteria and a defined structure for delivering the project. This online training is required to comprehend these ideas.

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Prince2® was originally developed for government projects, but it is currently utilized in a variety of sectors. The Prince2® training will provide you with a thorough understanding of the process and methods. It gives you a better grasp of how to use Prince2 and how you can adapt it to your projects with unique requirements.

It is a framework that may be applied to businesses of all sizes, from small to large. Its versatility to be adapted for diverse needs makes it useful in private companies as well.

Prince2® Certifications

The two certifications offered in Prince2® are as follows:

Let’s look at the two levels of Prince2® Certification: Foundation and Practitioner. We will go over how Prince2® training can assist you in obtaining your credentials.

Prince2 Foundation

What is Prince2® Foundation might be your second question? To answer this it can be stated that it is the first level of the training or what you may call an introductory course. Here you will learn the concepts, principles, and processes of you enroll in the Prince2® online course for foundational level.

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There are no minimum educational or training requirements for taking the Prince2® Foundation level certification exam. But as it is not required, Axelos advises having a basic understanding of project management. It is where your Prince2® training comes in handy, providing you with the necessary project management expertise.

Prince2® Practitioner

Now that you know what you need to pass the Foundation level certification test, let us look at what you will need to pass the Practitioner level certification level.

After completing the Foundation level, you can advance to the Practitioner level. The Foundation level exam is, of course, one of the requirements for meeting the eligibility requirements. But is it possible to sit for the Prince2 Practitioner exam without having completed Foundation becomes a question? Let us look at the certification requirements that you need to fulfill for a Practitioner.

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Before taking the Prince2 Practitioner test, you must earn a basic level certification, as it is an advanced level exam. And to sit for the Practitioner exam, you must at least have either PMP® certification or CAPM certification or have IPMA level certification.

Who is eligible to take the Prince2® Exam?

Professionals in the project management field, such as project managers, project coordinators, expeditors, and project teams, who want to advance their careers, can take the Prince2® exam. You can achieve your career goals with the Prince2® Certification and Prince2® Training.

Renewal of Prince2® Certification

Your Prince2® certificate is valid for three years from the day you have passed the exam. By retaking the exam or by joining the organization, you can renew the certificate. So, after getting a clear idea of what Prince2® Training has to offer, grab the chance to enroll in it. Get your Prince2® certificate and grow your career successfully in Project management with Prince2. 

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