Every NFL team begins the long season with one goal: to finish as Super Bowl Champions in February. NFL teams do a lot to prepare for the league season. They vie for new drafts and try to recruit excellent players that are out of contract. Teams usually switch up their training routine and employ new methods to improve their results.

NFL fans are always eager to see their teams play. Watching your team play in trial games before the league season starts helps the fans to understand if the team has improved significantly since the previous season. Every team strengthens in different areas. That is why the NFL season competes at the highest levels, from the whistle blast on the opening day to the Super Bowl final.

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Some NFL bettors stake low amounts on NFL teams until NFL week 4 odds releases. If you know why they do this, you may be able to tell if your team has a chance to win the Super Bowl.

When to make your Super Bowl Contender Pick

Most league seasons in other sports start slowly, but it’s different with the NFL. From day one, it is always a fierce competition. Teams know they have to rack up as many points as possible to be a Super Bowl contender.

Week 1 games begin with a bang, and the same fierce competition drives NFL games through weeks 2 and 3. Week 4 is a big week for NFL teams as fixtures will be played on Thursday, Sunday (Morning, Afternoon, and Night), and Monday Night. Week 4 games are usually more enthralling. They are richly laden with projections of how the rest of the season will turn out.

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The best time to make your Super Bowl contender pick is after NFL Week 4 results. For the new NFL season, week 4 fixtures will be held from Thursday, September 29th through Monday, October 3rd. Week 4 will also feature an international NFL bout between Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, as part of the NFL’s international series.


At the end of week 4, you should know where your team stands – the chances of celebrating your team’s Super Bowl victory in February. For many who stake on NFL teams, week 4 makes all the difference. Many pundits will even argue that the NFL season starts on week 4. Ensure to drum full support for your team to encourage them to remain contenders at the end of week 4.

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