Why are OTT and VOD platforms booming? It’s because users have the freedom to watch their favorite content anytime and anywhere via the Internet using VOD and OTT platforms. 

This article will provide you with an idea of how OTT and VOD relate to each other and what to consider before launching a VOD system.

What is OTT?

OTT is a modern technique of delivering various types of content to users directly over the internet. It enables users to stream movies, shows, and any kinds of video content they prefer freely under their control—no need to wait for the schedule of your favorite content, unlike traditional media entertainment.

The fact that OTT platforms can be easily accessed over the Internet using many devices opened a massive opportunity for their owners.

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What is VOD?

Video-On-Demand (VOD) is a platform that allows users to watch videos freely from the content repository using the Internet. Unlike traditional broadcasting TV which constraints you from watching your favorite content because of schedules. VOD platforms are usually bundled with a subscription, which may be a Transactional VOD, Advertisement-based VOD, or Subscriptional VOD. 

There are plenty of VOD platforms that you probably know, like Netflix, which enables you to watch any content as long as you have availed of their plan. 

VOD platforms allow users to browse any content they want anytime and anywhere without limiting their stay on the platform. It is possible due to the OTT delivery method they use.

OTT and VOD are used interchangeably in many cases. OTT is a delivery method, while VOD is video content that can be played back anytime due to OTT. 

How to Build a VOD?

Plan and Strategize

Before you start working on your VOD system, you need to develop a plan and strategy. It is also essential to get a clear idea of what audience to focus on.


Creating content for various users is not an easy job. Plan ahead and create a strategy that will help you tackle issues.

Carefully plan out the content you will provide for your target audience. Map out the content that you want to deliver, provide clear scripts and the equipment needed. Doing this will save you time, and money and, lastly, produce an excellent OTT subscription system

Promote Your Content

Whether you provide quality content without proper promotion, your VOD platform is bound to meet its end. 

Data analytics and SEO tools are two of the most common but effective ways. They will provide you with a positive outcome and will definitely boost your content presence on the Internet.


VOD platform without monetizing content would be pointless. Choosing the right type of VOD monetization model can help your platform to grow. Here are the types of VOD revenue models for your monetization needs: 

  • VOD (Transactional Video-On-Demand)
  • SVOD (Subscription-based Video-On-Demand)
  • AVOD (Advertisement-based Video-On-Demand)
  • Hybrid Monetization Model (a combination of two or three from models mentioned above)
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Website Plugins and Integration

Whether you already have a website or in the process of developing, you need to consider using plugins and integrating them into your system. Integration tools like data analytics, touchpoints, and share buttons, can make your website better and more appealing to users. Furthermore, it will enhance your website application and flexibility.

Final Thoughts

OTT seems to be the most promising method of delivering content to an end-user. It is used for transmitting Videos On-Demand with high quality and low latencies. A VOD platform can bring you additional revenue as it is highly popular among consumers. 

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