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The lottery is a popular pursuit in India, with many people across Indian states visiting their nearest lottery shops to purchase tickets and waiting eagerly for the lotteries to be drawn. However, not everyone in India has access to state lotteries, that’s because only 13 Indian states have allowed legal state-run lotteries to be operated.

This means that about half of the country has no access to playing the lottery in India, which is a pity because the game is actually quite popular and well-loved. But this is where the online lottery comes into play.

With the online lottery, not only can Indian users now buy lottery tickets from the comfort of their homes, but they can also buy into lottery draws that are sold internationally.

International lotteries such as the US Powerball, the US Megamillions, or even the European Euromillions, are all available on online lottery websites to purchase. Apart from these most popular lotteries, users can also find other smaller draws from across the globe. 


Until the concept of the online lottery came up, Indians could only purchase these international lotteries if they were to ever travel to these countries physically. However, with the many online lottery providers that now cater to the Indian market, users can easily spend some extra doe on lottery tickets and even receive scanned copies of those lottery tickets in their accounts.

Is Online Lottery Legal in India?

The Indian lottery laws are very specific – only lotteries run by the state governments can be legally sold and bought in India. In fact, there are absolutely no privately-owned lotteries in the country that are legal.

Then how come people can buy online lottery tickets online? That’s because the online lottery providers do not sell tickets to any Indian lotteries. Since these online lottery websites are based off-shore and only sell tickets to international draws, they cannot be considered illegal in India. Due to this legal loophole, people are able to freely purchase online lottery tickets.

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How did the Online Lottery become so Popular?

There are several different reasons that contribute to the growing popularity of the online lottery websites that sell international lottery tickets – these include the wide range of variety available on lottery websites, the convenience of online payments, as well as the inclination of people to play more online games.

In the past few years, India has gone through a gaming revolution and mobile gaming has seen huge strides. This progress has also made it possible for Indian users to be more open to trying new kinds of online games, including the online lottery.

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Additionally, with the digital payment infrastructure of India taking a leap, thanks to UPI and digital wallets, it is now easier than ever to deposit and withdraw money online. In fact, UPI allows quick and safe transactions, without having to reveal any sensitive bank information on any platform.

Last but not least, the sheer variety of games, apart from just the online lottery, has increased the level of interest that these websites hold for users. While the lottery on its own may get boring after a while, the continued availability of new games such as online casino games, table games, or even slots keeps things feeling fresh for users at all times.

Whatever the reasons are behind the immense success of the online lottery industry, it seems that the trend is definitely here to stay!

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