All steroids are of great importance in medicine, as well as in veterinary medicine. Steroids are used as anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, and immunosuppressive drugs. This is only a small part of the huge spectrum of steroids’ influence on the human body.


Steroids, chemically are compounds derived from sterane or cyclopentanoperhydrophenanthrene. When represented graphically as 3 hexagonal carbonaceous rings and a pentagonal ring, for a total of 18 carbons.

From the biological point of view, the most common derivative of sterane is cholesterol. It is a sterane to which a hydroxyl (-OH) has been added in position 3 of the first ring (C3) and a carbonaceous branch in the last carbon of the last ring (C17).

It is an integral and fundamental part of numerous structures, such as the phospholipid bilayer of the cell membrane and the myelin sheaths of neurons (white matter).

Cholesterol derives from a long process of condensation of carbonaceous units. which originate from the key molecule of energy processes, acetyl-coenzyme A.

Cholesterol is also the basis for the synthesis of steroid hormones, such as testosterone, estradiol, cortisone, cortisol, aldosterone, and vitamin D3. It is also a precursor of acids/bile salts, which are the main method of “excretion” of cholesterol from the body.

Steroids are therefore derivatives of cholesterol; they share the basic steranic structure but have one or more modifications in the bonds of the rings (common is the removal of the C17 chain, often replaced by hydroxyls or ketones), which completely modify their biological activity.


In general, we can say that the most common medical use for steroids is anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive for cortisol derivatives, androgen replacement therapy for androgens (mostly testosterone), or various anabolics in cases of sarcopenia or cachexia (cancer and anticlastic therapy, aging, HIV infection, severe trauma, and extensive burns …)

Here is a shortlist of their functions, including several present, past, and future uses:

  • Muscle protein synthesis, prevention, and treatment of sarcopenia, cachexia, hypermetabolic states induced by conditions or diseases (AAS)
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy for Hypogonadism or Transsexuals (AAS, Estrogen)
  • Treatment of various forms of anemia and inappetence (AAS)
  • Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, post-menopausal disorders (AAS, Estrogens)
  • Cancer therapy (AAS, Estrogens, Glucocorticoids)
  • Autoimmune diseases, chronic inflammations (Glucocorticoids)
  • Hormonal contraceptives (AAS, Estrogens, Progestogens)
  • Livestock breeding (prohibited in the EU) and veterinary use (AAS, Progestogens, Estrogens, Glucocorticoids)

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Steroids and derivatives are molecules generally not very soluble in water and very soluble in non-polar liquids (such as oil).

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