Metaverse has given an unprecedented rise to the gaming world, which is not thriving beyond measures but is also enabling the players to earn money through it. Yes, it might sound a little outlandish, but it has now become a concrete reality. The new phenomenon of play-and-earn has paved the way for players to make passive income click on this link for more reliable information. Metaverse has taken almost all industries by storm, and there is no denying the fact that it will dominate the future as well. Everything that a human being does in the physical reality will be replicated in the virtual world, and there is a very thin between these two dimensions, so to speak.           

Developers are constantly working to make such an experience even more seamless and realistic, and their efforts are quite overt on all the prominent social media platforms. This is a reality that we will all be living in years to come, which might be a little daunting but considering the pace at which people embrace disruptive technologies, anything is possible. Now, it is time to address some of the predominant gaming Metaverse cryptocurrencies that continue to capture a larger chunk of market share almost on a daily basis. 

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Here are some Metaverse cryptocurrencies


It is an emerging platform that allows all the users to successfully create, list, store, and engage in the trading of NFTs. Everything is done in one place, which makes it significantly convenient for all the users to leverage the most benefits of Enjin. This platform has also caught the attention of millions as it charges considerably lower fees. Hence, more & more projects display their willingness to work with Enjin. It is backed by Ethereum, which is compatible with all kinds of fungible & non-fungible tokens. 


It is an ever-expanding virtual reality platform that operates on the Ethereum network. It is one of many tokens that operate in Metaverse and provides a pool of convenient features to all the participants. Here, users can easily buy, monetize & build their own version of virtual plots, and the tokens used are LAND & MANA. 

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Illuvium is basically a blockchain-based RPG game that operates in an open-world scenario. It is built effectively on top of the second-most prominent cryptocurrency in the world right now, Ethereum. The predominant reason behind such substantial popularity of Illuvium is that it is the first-ever AAA game that is featured on the Ethereum network. Thousands of people are embracing the changes today, and Illuvium is one such change that is facilitating its users from all aspects. 


Visuals are in need of sufficient & right processing power in this hypercompetitive & digital world. Developers need visuals to create something compelling enough to be acceptable in the public domain. This is exactly the place or scenario where Render comes into the picture. It incorporates the GPUs, i.e., Graphics Processing Units which are used to make the visuals in this virtual ecosystem. Render provides a pool of promising graphics to the widely renowned companies, and they usually are affordable & highly scalable. 

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#Axie Infinity

The term Axie Infinity is becoming more of a household name, and it continues to grow in popularity and dominance as Metaverse begins to firm its grasp on the digital world. It is one of the very few games right now that operate on the play-to-earn model and provides a significant opportunity for all the players to earn while playing their games in the virtual reality mode. It is a widely recognized “Battle Game” where the involved participants or players fight for the respective characters that they develop during the course of the game. All the token holders can easily claim their tokens, and they also have an option to participate in the governance. 

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