When you feel like spring is about to end, you start thinking about whether you’re prepared for the summer to come. Summer is typically associated with fun and excitement since it’s the best time for a vacation under the sun. With the summer heat, you wouldn’t want to spend your time inside your room so it’s time to make sure your outdoor areas or patio are ready to go. Think along the lines of whether your patio is clean, well set-up and has cooling shades like motorized patio screens

If you don’t think your patio is ready for summer, then here are five steps to help you get there.

5 Steps To Get Your Patio Ready For Summer

Get Started Cleaning

The first step in getting your patio ready is to simply bust out the cleaning supplies and tools and get some elbow grease going. It might be a lot of work depending on how big your patio is, but it’s technically a simple job.

The first thing to do is simply clean the surfaces of your patio. If your patio has a wide concrete floor, you might want to consider hitting it with a pressure washer. If your patio isn’t made of concrete, then you can simply adjust the cleaning method to the material you have. Other people might have to get a broom and a mop to give the patio a fresh look.


Cleaning really is an art and many people say that cleaning has to be done with the right tools. There are so many tools you can choose from and there aren’t really any wrong answers – some tools just make the job easier than others. For example, if your patio is full of dust and random debris like leaves, then you can probably get rid of a lot of that by using a powerful blower. Strength in tools can really help make a job be quick and easy, but don’t overdo it. You want to clean your patio, not destroy it.

Repaint What You Can

Once your patio is clean, you should already be able to see a big difference. However, you’re still far from being done. There are still a few more things you can do to really bring the patio to its former glory.

One good tip in preparing your patio for the summer is to repaint what you can. As time goes by and your patio ages, there might be some signs of wear and tear which would naturally happen with some parts of the patio. It may be the walls, it may be some posts – whatever it is, a retouch of paint would do wonders.

If you’re feeling up to it, a new coat would even give the patio some new life in it. Remember, the patio will be a place of comfort and relaxation. A good step towards that direction is if you transform the space into one that you actually enjoy.


Throw In Some Color

Aside from paint, there are so many different elements that go into patios that can really be avenues for design and color. A pop of color never hurts. Understandably, you might have painted the patio with something neutral because you wouldn’t want it to be too distracting or loud.

However, having a patio painted with a neutral color can really make the few items that do have color pop in comparison. For patios, a common place to add color would be in textiles. Do you have a nice neutral-colored couch on the patio? Try putting colorful throw pillows on it.

Even something as simple as colorful pillows can really help transform the place. You can use your imagination and add some color wherever you want. Get some colorful flowering pots. Add an art piece. It’s your patio and you have total control.

Plants Are A Plus

Patios are already situated outside and connected to nature more than the inside of the house. You might as well go ahead and make it a real haven for nature and add some plants to add to the ambience.

You wouldn’t even need that many plants for the patio because it already has access to the outside world. A few potted plants here and there would really make a difference.

Another thing to prepare for the summer patio is to trim and weed the flower beds. Many people have flower beds beside their patios and it’s a good option to consider. A flower bed near the patio can really add to the sense of nature when you’re lounging on the patio. However, the plants out there must have grown quite a lot during the spring so you have to manicure the plants to make it look somewhat decent.


Lights, Lights, Lights

Your patio is almost done and ready for the summer. One more thing that you can do to really make it ready for the summer is make sure to add some light fixtures or ornaments on the patio. It’s true that you associate summer more during the daytime.

However, you can still enjoy that summer vibe on the patio during the night – and nothing can make the patio stand out more beautifully at night than beautiful lights illuminating the place.You wouldn’t even need that many lights to make the place feel magical. A few string lights draping across can already turn the patio from an outdoor space to a hangout space in an instant.


There are so many things you can do to prepare your patio for the summer but here are five steps that can already face you in the right direction. You can’t really hang out on the patio during the colder seasons so you must take advantage of the summertime and make great memories out there.

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