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You are building a family house or preparing for renovations. A properly designed engineering network plan is the foundation of a successful construction. Have you thought about it What happens if you move into a new apartment or family home without the possibility of waste? Or without the possibility of water connection. It’s no miracle, is it? Of course, I understand that now is the 21st century water, electricity, waste is a matter of course in every living. Water and waste distribution is one of the most important points in plumbing and construction work. But now suddenly imagine that in your new nice family of houses, some artist made water distribution and heating according to the instructions from youtube, who does not even know what is the supply, return and recirculation. The owner of the building saved on a quality plumbing company, ordered a plumber who offered him the smallest amount for work, bought a quality Italian couch for the money saved. But to smash the couch now is a mess in 2 years has cracked pipes, totally clogged waste and is looking for money for the overall reconstruction of the new barracks.


So what should I do if I want to do water and heating distribution for an adequate price?

We will tell you about it now

The first point, however, is learning

Definitely better to know at least something about water distribution. Find out what are the materials for water distribution. For example: PPr pipes, water pipes in metal plastics, water pipes in CU pipes.

In order not to “stretch” you unnecessarily, it would be possible to find out which material is better to use exactly for your building or reconstruction.

Water distribution in PEX plastic: It is a very high quality material, although more expensive, but if you have new buildings you can save a lot of money on work. Of course, to work with this type of material, it is necessary to have special crimping pliers, which not every plumber can afford to buy over 40 thousand crowns due to the demanding price. Unlike amateur plumbers, professional companies like do it every day. Finally, the manufacturer can provide a warranty of up to 50 years for this material. Plumbers know how to press correctly, which fitting needs to be used and which is unnecessary for your new construction.


Water distribution in PPR pipes: It is a cheaper material, but on the other hand a lot of usable. Every plumber cannon welding plastic ppr pipes. It is an easily repairable material. You can get ppr anywhere but watch out for the manufacturer. They recommend cleaning out warranty information, warranty conditions and reviews by experienced plumbers.

Water distribution in CU pipes: copper and copper pipes very expensive material. The most environmentally friendly and very reliable, it can withstand up to 500 bar and 600 degrees Celsius. Of course, only under conditions of correct and professional installation. Work for copper pipes will not be cheap at all, the material exists for welding and pressing. If you choose CU material, the manufacturer hardly matters, it is a material that can not be spoiled or buy a fake either bad product.

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For each material, however, you need quality assembly, experienced hands and special knowledge. To save nerves, money and save your comfort, they recommend contacting a free consultation from professionals

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