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In the banking practice, as in any other marketing plan, it is important to regularly conduct the movement of running with customers, develop and maintain it. The implementation of a CRM system is created to take out a related work, that is, to create a tool for the bank-client connection so that everything the differences of customer action are taken into the statement.

All the statistics and records connected with all this should, with the aid of CRM-systems, support finding the most effective collaboration among the two people.

CRM in Bank: Banking Service Management

It is quite possible and simple to structure data on the operations performed, to obtain information about each client and employee. But in the matter of systematizing processes for each employee, there are many difficulties.

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Banking CRM provides opportunities for step-by-step planning of the work of bank employees. In case of transferring cases to another employee or introducing a new employee into the course of work, the system will acquaint him with all the necessary information and prompt an algorithm of actions. There will be no problems among the interchange of employees during the absence of any of them.

How CRM looks for a bank

Two directions of CRM systems can cope with the tasks of managing banking services and functioning – operational and analytical. The following components will help to provide them:

  •  a client base with a division of profiles into individuals and legal entities, as well as integrated with an address classifier. It should have the ability to store copies of documents, assign clients to certain managers and link summary information (accounts, cards, transactions, contracts, and so on);
  •  product base with status indication;
  •  sales management and analytics;
  •  marketing tools;
  •  personnel control;
  •  call center work organization;
  •  collection control and debt management mechanisms;
  •  processing of loan applications;
  •  analytical functional.
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Bank automation

CRM is seen as a strategy of action embodied in advanced software, focused strictly on customer needs. The above strategy is especially actively applied in the system of automation of banks and banking activities.

Banking CRM software tactics and strategy:

1.  relations built on the basis of the automation of a unitary process for the implementation of a specific type of service or product (transaction);

2.  in addition to the first, it expands interaction with the client with the possibility of providing advice and clarifications (as a rule, it concerns several types of goods and services);

3.  it is applied on the basis of deep ownership by the client of the entire range of bank services and assumes full partnership.

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To automate the work of a bank, you must have the following tools, which are conventionally divided into three groups (software adapted to work with a customer database):

· Provides a set of programs for processing loans, deposits and payments (CSS group).

· Programs for automating bank processes in terms of concluding transactions with clients for the implementation of a package of banking services or products (SFA group).

· Programs specializing in the promotion of banking services to the market (EMA group). Here, innovations in the field of advertising are actively used, the so-called BTL promotions, which are a new type of marketing tailored to a specific consumer. It involves direct contact (communication) with a potential consumer. 

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