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he e-commerce market is like a raging ocean. Technologies are developing at an unprecedented speed, allowing the most daring ideas to be realized. In the field of user interface development, ReactJS holds a special place. The technology is special, using special insulated components. From the very moment it was released as open source, it has become extremely popular. Largely due to the innovative approach to programming, it is convenient for both the developer and the end user.

Benefits of React.js:

  • Many people prefer Reactjs Development Services because the framework is faster than any other implementation of its kind.
  • High flexibility and maximum response speed. Virtual DOM (Document Object Model), which allows you to organize HTML, XHTML, or XML documents into a tree that is better understood by web browsers when parsing various elements of a web application.
  • When combined with ES6 / 7, ReactJS can handle heavy workloads with ease.
  • Downstream data binding, which means that with this kind of data flow, the child elements cannot influence the parent data. A 100% open source JavaScript library that receives many daily updates and enhancements based on input from developers around the world.
  • Absolutely light weight, as user-side data can easily be presented simultaneously on the server-side.

Switching between versions is usually very easy, and Facebook provides “codemods” to automate most of the process.

Disadvantages of React.js:

  • No official documentation – ReactJS’s ultra-fast development leaves no room for proper documentation, which is a bit chaotic right now as many developers create it individually, without a systematic approach;
  • React has no opinion – which means that developers sometimes have too many choices;
  • It takes a long time to master the framework, which means that ReactJS requires a deep understanding of UI integration with the MVC framework.
  • Along with saving time,  estimating software development costs are also decreasing.
  • Companies using React
  • Billion-dollar companies using React are proof of how good the framework is. Besides Facebook, most of the well-known companies using ReactJS are Twitter, Amazon Prime, Udemy, Expo, Codesandbox, Uber, and Pinterest. But Facebook is definitely in the spotlight.
  • For the most part, React is a great tool for the above services as they have a lot of traffic. React provides a faster way to build and maintain mobile apps. Moreover, these companies can create applications using fewer resources. This is one of the best front-end libraries out there.


React JS is constantly evolving. There is a huge community behind it. New tools that can be used are created every day. The future of React JS seems to be pretty stable. React JS is uncomplicated and does not require advanced knowledge. It is available to everyone, and there are many tutorials on the Internet as well as Internet forums that make it much easier for novice programmers to implement. A person familiar with JavaScript should be able to work with React JS in a relatively short amount of time. In view of the usefulness and popularity of the library, it is worth trying to master it.

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