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Advanced data analytics refers to the autonomous or semi-autonomous analysis of data while utilizing complex techniques and tools. Traditional data analysis is now far more common in a range of different industries as companies look for ways to gain better insights from various data. It’s now very common for businesses to adopt a data-driven strategy that takes information collected from all areas of the business. 

In recent years, advanced data analytics have also taken off, as companies look to advanced techniques and technologies in order to uncover deeper insights, make forecasts, or produce recommendations. 

Data/text mining, machine learning, pattern matching, forecasting, visualization, semantic analysis, sentiment analysis, network, and cluster analysis, multivariate statistics, graph analysis, simulation, complex event processing, and neural networks are examples of advanced analytic approaches.

In this article, our casino expert Victoria Oliveira will be looking at how online casinos make use of advanced data analytics. This will include how it’s used for improving player retention, making games more exciting, and improving how their business operates. 

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Data Analytics for Player Retention

Online casinos in Portugal depend on players to make a profit. It’s why they spend a lot of time and resources trying to entice new players to sign up, including offering big bonuses. Players find out this information by reading reviews such as Bacana Play casino. Once players join, keeping them around is equally important as it means that marketing costs can then be reduced. 

Retaining players and keeping them around for as long as possible is one of the biggest challenges that casinos face, and they employ lots of different methods to try and achieve this. Loyalty programs and regular bonuses are some of the most popular ways, but lately, casinos have taken a more personal approach.

Through data analytics, casinos can learn more about their individual players, including what games they prefer, how they use their bonuses, and what times they play. All of this data can be analyzed to build a complete picture of each player and their personal habits. In turn, this information is then used to provide personalized rewards for players and other features to help keep them playing for longer. 

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Keeping Players Safe from Harm

While it’s in the online casino’s best interests to encourage players to spend as much time as possible at the site, there are limits. All licensed casinos in Portugal and most other countries must commit to encouraging responsible gambling. This means providing controls and tools to help players stay in control of their habits. It also means that casinos need to be careful about the kind of language they use in marketing and throughout the site.

Online casinos can also gather data on the playing habits of individual players to assess whether or not players are enjoying the site responsibly. Those that have recently changed their habits or are spending a lot of time at the casino can be gently reminded to play responsibly and directed to resources that can help problem gamblers. These casino data systems are important if casinos in Portugal want to keep their players safe while also abiding by the regulations.

Making Casino Games More Exciting

Casino analytics can also be used to make casino games more exciting. Over the past few years, advances in technology and AI have made it so that games are now more fun and challenging than ever. When players play games like Roulette or slots, they’re not competing against anyone, but games like Poker involve playing directly against a dealer or other players. 

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Online Poker games are generally played against other players, but advances in technology mean it’s now possible to have engaging games against a computer too. As the technology and data behind AI improve, we could even see computer programs that are regularly able to beat professionals at their own game.

Advanced data analytics can help make games more exciting in other ways too. Online casinos regularly collect and analyze data on which games players enjoy and the specific features they like the most. Using this data, they can create new and innovative games that payout big rewards and combine all of the most popular features. The future of casino gaming involves a mix of different styles of features that have been selected to make the games as thrilling as possible. 

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