Many great and terrible records were set in the crypto space in 2021. For instance, in November, the crypto market hit its highest peak, reaching an astonishing $3 trillion market capitalization. It was a period of great boom and abundance in the crypto market.

The Casino industry is like a Money Train 2 slot machine- you win some, and you lose some. In February 2022, the crypto market plummeted. And over $1.2 trillion was flushed down the closet. And that’s almost 50% of the market’s capitalization two months earlier.

The crypto markets depend significantly on the stability of currencies. So while many coins have taken a dip, it is an opportunity in disguise for smart-headed investors.

Bitcoin (BTC)

From an incredible all-time high of $68k, bitcoin has surprisingly dropped to $40 over the past few months. Experienced Bitcoin holders don’t seem to be bothered much. It is a phase they’ve gone through many times. Bitcoin was making headlines in 2017 when it hit $20k, and suddenly experienced an abysmal drop of over 90% years later.

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Since headlines like Microstrategy continue to invest in the dip and El Salvador continues to add to their stash, Bitcoin even stands a higher chance of experiencing explosive growth than in 2021.

Experts in crypto have predicted the possibility of Bitcoin rising above $100k. The dip has caused many prominent financial institutions to take advantage by stacking as much as possible.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ether, the next most valuable coin to BTC, also has its nightmare in the plummeting market. The NFT blockchain experienced a 40% drop from $4.8k to about $3k in 2021.

Just like Bitcoin owners, Ether holders witnessed a similar experience in 2018. In late 2017, Eth soared high to $1.4k, only to fall below $200 some few months later.

Since Ethereum has continued to rise, however slow and steady, all attention is set towards Ethereum 2.0, a much more established coin, even better than it was in 2021. Experts have predicted that Ethereum has the potential to hit between $10k – $20k (over 300% growth) by 2025.

XRP Ledger (XRP)

XRP, a developing coin, is not new to instability. Some hours ago, the currency, fixed at $1.80, dropped by over 60% to about $0.60. But don’t forget that XRP has been among the top ten best coins since the ICO saga.

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XRP is still much more valued than Ripple, and it has proven to be valuable and has great potential over time. Some experts in the XRP community have predicted that this coin should hit $5 through 2025. The more optimistic ones, however, expect a $20 ascension in the next two years.

Polygon (MATIC ) Predictions

In the close of 2020, Polygon averaged $0.03. By Christmas, the coin was worth $3. Then, about 30 days into the new year, the currency fell by 50%. As it stands, Polygon is the future generation of cryptocurrency. It provides layer two scaling solutions that make high transactions possible.

As the world leans further towards crypto, it’s possible to experience an increase in Polygon’s value and an increased demand for its services. As a result, investors see the possibility of the coin reaching $10 or even $20 before the decade’s end.

Cardano (ADA) Predictions

At the start of 2021, Cardano’s price shot up to $3, then rapidly declined to $1. Since then, the coin has continued to struggle to capture the mainstream.

In 2021, a series of projects were implemented to strengthen the coin, but all was to no avail. The currency has continued to perform poorly since then.


Of course, new projects are on the horizon; there’s still no significant mainstream press from ADA. But still, experts predict that the coin has a $10 potential over the next ten years.


Doge started in 2021 as a joke. None saw it as a prospect to watch out for. Instead, it has become one of the hottest properties to own in the market. It reached its all-time peak in 2021 and earned support from one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs on the planet – Elon Musk.

When carefully analyzed, there’s no sign of this coin slowing anytime soon. At the moment, its value is about 80% it’s peak in 2021. We expect an eventual all-time high of $1, crossing into the mainstream territory.

This coin shows no signs of stopping, even though it is now trading 80% off of its all-time highs. With its recent acceptance as a form of payment by Tesla and Musk regularly tweeting about the coin, many experts believe that DOGE could eventually cross $1 as it makes its way into mainstream territory.

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