lola burr

Daughter of Comedian: Lola Burr

Lola Burr was the daughter of American originated comedian. Her father name is Bill Burr or William Frederick and, her mother is an American actress Nia  Renne Hill.

Early Life of Lola Burr

She was born on 2017 January 20th. Lola’s father Bill was born in 1968. he has done comedy shows in different serial like Why do I do this? (2008) and Let it Go (2010).  he has done voice acting of Josan Michaels in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV . he has also done fabulous work in Breaking bad and Date Night.

Family and Background of Lola Burr

Lola’s mother Nia was born in 1978. she has done various movies like Long Distance and Santa  Clarita’s Diet in 2011 and 2017. She is also famous for wearing several different types of hats. she has also done voice acting like her husband in F is for Family.

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She has done various design shows in various film production centres. She has done talent coordination in The Chapelle Show. she has also written various writings for women.

Lola is having Mixed Ethnicity as her father is having Caucasian with both German and Irish roots. while Nia is having African American ethnicity. Lola hairs combination is Black and curly hair.

The cute baby girl was  born in Los Angeles, Califirnia U.S.A. Lola’s parents Bill and Nia meet each other in 2009 and settle down together where that worked together.

Nia and bill moved together shortly after their meeting. Both of them have attended Emerson College, but unfortunately, they were not able to meet up there. Two of them tied the knot at the wedding in September 2013. They both welcomed their beautiful girl child after four years of their marriage.

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Lola is also having one more sibling. who was born in 2020, it was a  baby boy this time. Nia shared this news on Instagram. they are enjoying the newest edition of their family. Lola’s parents are not willing to show off her baby’s face on social media sites. On Bill Burr, the Monday podcast which is running since 2007 used to share the topics related to Lola. This podcast is dedicated to Lola’s daily life activities, her fun, her experiences and how she has changed the life of the family after she has arrived into their family.

Family Career of Lola Burr

Bill and Lola shared a very happy and intimate relationship. It is often said by Bill that he wants to see Lola getting Married. On every birthday of Lola bill use to bake the cake for her. Bill also says that he is still regrating why he did not have kids earlier in his life.

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Lola will also take them to the world of film it is said by many reports. Lola is very much inspired by his uncle Robert Burr who is an actor. She is also stepped into the film world like Led Zeppelin and Bonham. Fans are very much excited to watch her more into the film world.  Lola has been on her academic journey. she is currently going to a local school near her residence. Once it was reported that Bill burr has commented about his daughter, but he so after apologized for his words as he feels that it will make his daughter sad. Lola is born into a wealthy family and leads a lavish life. Bill and Nia’s net worth is approx 1.5 million US Dollars. Her father and mother have very high ambitions for her. Fans are waiting for her to see her on the big stage with flying colours.

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