The NBA is the most popular basketball league in the world. And although in some countries basketball is not as popular as football, the start of the championship is expected in all corners of the planet. The league is divided into two conferences (on a geographical basis – Western and Eastern), which, in turn, are divided into six divisions. In each conference, 15 teams play, respectively, in each division, 5. The NBA championship takes place in two stages: the regular season and the playoff stage, at which the winner is revealed.

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The main contenders for the title: intermediate results

The regular season is in full swing, there is an opportunity to look at the position of the teams and sum up the intermediate results. Already at the beginning of the season, experts and bookmakers announced their top five, the most likely contenders for the title. Some of the favorites had problems at the start of the championship, others immediately went into the lead. Before the start of the championship, the most likely contenders were considered:

  • Golden State Warriors
  • Boston Celtics
  • Milwaukee Bucks
  • Los Angeles Clippers
  • Phoenix Suns

Golden State Warriors

The problems for the current champion began in the summer off-season. After the three-point competition, Steph Curry, Jordan Poole and Klay Thompson began to sort things out in the locker room, it came to a fight. The club’s management announced the settlement of the conflict, but this situation could not but affect the playing tone of the team. Golden State didn’t get off to the right start for a reigning champion. After 14 rounds, the “warriors” are in 11th place. although they have a game in hand. Bookmakers still believe in the strength and luck of the Warriors.

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Boston Celtics

One of the two most titled teams in the league (17 titles) flies on the wings to the playoff series. “Celts” lead the Eastern Conference, demonstrating a balanced and productive game. During the summer offseason, Boston changed coaches but retained the team’s core, although it lost one of its star centers to Robert Williams. Also going to leave another main center – Al Horford. Obviously, for the “Celts” season 22/23 will be the last in this lineup. It’s time to win another trophy.

Milwaukee Bucks

This season, Milwaukee has already beaten Boston, but in the Eastern standings they are in second place, losing one victory to the Celts, but having a game in hand. Such a start of the “deer” is connected with the excellent play of their leaders: Giannis Antetokounmpo and Drew Holiday show good mutual understanding on the court and lead the rest of the team behind them. And coaches and fans are looking forward to the return of another Milwaukee star, Chris Middleton. At this pace, the Bucks will have no problem in the semifinals.

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Phoenix Suns

Phoenix started the season with a fighting spirit and led the Western Conference standings for the first time. In recent matches, the “solar” slowed down a bit and moved to third place. Team coach Monty Williams managed to improve the game in defense, although there are still problems under someone else’s hoop. In recent games, shooting guard Dan Booker has taken on the role of team leader. scored 34 points in a match with Golden State. There is every reason to believe that Phoenix will make it to the playoffs.

Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers had a very difficult start to the championship, which is not unusual for the team. In addition, the team is haunted by injuries to the leaders. No sooner had Kawhi Leonard entered the court than he again felt discomfort in his knee. Paul George, another leader of the Clippers, is also not all right with his health. Therefore, the current ninth place in the West is understandable. However, bookmakers and basketball experts believe that the team can reach the final stages of the playoffs.

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