When thinking about limited-overs cricket, most frequently these games are played in a 20 or 50 over form. The website 1xBet free online streaming cricket in India features to watch matches with different numbers of overs.

Between 2010 and 2013 there was another limited-overs championship that featured teams from four different countries, which were:

  • England;
  • Wales;
  • Scotland;
  • and Netherlands.

This competition was known as the ECB 40. The free online cricket streamings offered in 1xBet India can also be used to wager competitions from these countries.

Replacing other competitions

40-over cricket competitions were not rare in the area of England and Wales. In fact, prior to the establishment of the ECB 40 there were two other competitions of this kind in those countries. They were the Friends Provident Trophy and the Pro40. Other interesting competitions and their results can be reviewed at the website.

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Due to the high popularity of Twenty20 events, which feature 20 overs, people were showing less and less interest in 40-overs competitions. For this reason, it was seen as no longer necessary nor profitable to have more than one competition in this format. That’s why the ECB 40 was born as an attempt to have a single and unified cricket competition with 40-overs matches. Regardless of the number of overs, the 1xBet online bookmaker will always be available to wager on all kinds of cricket matches.

How did the competition look like

There were only three editions of this championship. All of them had quite a similar format. In total, the eighteen county clubs from England and Wales took part in the ECB 40. There was also a team from the Netherlands, a team from Scotland, and another one called the Unicorns. Punters can download 1xBet app iOS and start wagering on teams that come from all those nations.

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There were 21 teams in total. All of them were divided into three groups of seven teams each in a random manner. All squads played a round-robin stage between each other. Later, all the first teams from each group, plus the best second team among all seconds qualified into a semi-final round. The winners of this semi-final played a fantastic final match at Lord’s. By downloading the iOS 1xBet app punters will also have the chance to wager on matches taking place in this legendary venue.

Each edition of the ECB 40 had a different winner. They were the teams from Hampshire, Surrey, Nottinghamshire and Warwickshire.

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