Many people think that converting PDF files into another document format is difficult and takes a lot of hassle. But, little did they know that online platforms such as PDFBear do exist to make this task a lot easier, convenient, and fast. By utilizing this technology, you will never encounter difficulty and intimidation when transforming your PDF files into another version such as Microsoft Excel, PDF/a, and PowerPoint presentation.

With this feature in mind, there’s no doubt why most of the students, teachers, and office workers opt to use PDFBear in converting their files rather than manually scanning PDF pages and converting them one by one. To make you believe that PDFBear is all you need to do your conversion tasks, read on and know the benefits you’ll reap from utilizing its tools and services.

1.     PDF to Excel

Getting to know the PDF to Excel conversion tool is a great start when discussing the good features offered by this efficient online platform. This converter is the best tool you’ll have when you need to get an editable spreadsheet out of your PDF document. Plus, you can also ensure that all the outputs you’ll get through PDFBear are of the highest quality possible while keeping all the original file’s vital features intact.

Sounds great, right? Not only that, but this online converter will also let you access its tools and services for free, without hidden fees and unexpected charges! This free account will last for 14 days, and you may always extend your engagement to PDFBEar as long as you want through its paid membership plan. By just paying $5.99 per month or less than $60 per year, you can enjoy all the upgraded perks of PDFBear without a limit.

2.     PDF to PDF/a

Now, let’s move forward to another efficient conversion tool offered by the site, the PDF to PDF/a transformation service. Surely, there are still many of you who don’t know the difference between PDF and PDF/a. To clear your mind with such confusion, PDF/a is the ISO-standardized version of PDF. This document is commonly used in the long-term preservation of digital files.

In simple words, PDF/a is an upgraded type of PDF which is meant for archiving electronic documents. So much for that. Now, let’s discuss how PDFBear helps you transform PDF into a high-quality PDF/a.

As such, if you’re wondering how this online platform works in turning your PDF into a specialized form of PDF/a, you will be surprised about how simplified its process can be. Yes, that’s right! This conversion task is as simple as four steps, and you just need to tap a few buttons on your keyboard. First, you have to pick the PDF file you want to be converted into PDF/a and upload it to the site’s portal.

After that, PDFBear will scan and analyze your document to start the conversion process smoothly. Then, for the third step, waiting is all you need. Finally, after a short moment of waiting, your PDF is now turned into its ISO-standardized form and is ready to be preserved as long as you need.

3.     PDF to PPT

Another amazing and helpful tool offered by PDFBear is its PDF to PPT transformation feature. With this conversion service, you can now edit your PDF content by turning it into Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation. This conversion tool is the best approach you’ll have when getting easy to edit slideshows out of your PDF document.

On top of that, this site ensures that the original format of your file will remain intact even after the transformation process. That means all the fonts, images, and colors from your PDF file will also be reflected in the converted PowerPoint slides. Moreover, PDFBear is not just about efficiency and affordability; it is also famous for its straightforward and simplified process.

In fact, its convenient approach is the most significant factor why many PDF users opt to utilize this conversion tool instead of other installable software and applications. With PDFBear, you will only have to take four easy steps. Then after successfully following the provided step-by-step procedure, you can instantly grab the PowerPoint version of your PDF file.


If you get intimidated because your teacher or employer requires you to convert your PDF files into another form of documents, now is the perfect time to get the help of PDFBear. With this efficient online converter, transforming your file will only take four steps and a few seconds of your time.

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