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2020 was tough for everyone. Pandemic and lockdown was hard for the business. Competition grew through digital marketing because everyone wants to invest online. In this post, you’ll learn more about the marketing secrets that you can input daily tasks.

User generated content

User-generated content in short video format The number of short videos on social media is growing rapidly. This format has become especially popular thanks to TikTok. And Instagram users still respond better to video content than photos. 2021 will bring even more opportunities for video creation. Then brands will actively use it to interact with new audiences and generate additional content. UGC is actively used on YouTube. If you want to get high quality YouTube subscribers and likes, then you should start putting so-called ‘YouTube shorts” in UGC-wise.

Create Memes

Memes Memes are still popular and will be used even more in 2021. According to YPulse, on average, 75% of people between 13 and 36 years old regularly share memes, and 30% of them send memes every day. This means that pictures with humorous captions will not go anywhere. However, we recommend that you be careful with this tool. Of course, there is nothing wrong with following a trend, but it is better to make sure that the meme you are using is not offensive and is in the interests of your audience. So approach the creation of a meme like a pro. Your task is not just to take a picture and add text to it, but first find out the true meaning of the meme and predict the reaction of subscribers. By the way, as the popularity of memes grows, the likelihood that your brand might accidentally go viral increases. You ask: what’s wrong with that? Unfortunately, this most often happens with images that negatively affect the brand’s reputation. 

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Nostalgic content

Nostalgic marketing How about looking back at 2019 and remembering how much better it was? Great idea! The positive emotions associated with the “good old days” are uplifting. And this is the power and appeal of nostalgic marketing. In times of uncertainty and economic downturn, users tend to remember happier moments to take their minds off their current problems. Nostalgia brings a sense of comfort and allows people to “relive” pleasant memories once again.

Conversational style

Conversational marketing Let’s face it: SMM, and indeed all internet marketing in general, has long ceased to be a one-way street. Research shows that people are no longer looking for products, services or discounts and are more attracted to information and communication with the brand. Therefore, it makes no sense to publish advertising content and wait for the reaction of subscribers. Now is the time to think about dialogue with users, building trust, and only after that – get sales. For these purposes, it is worth starting to use conversational marketing. It is a method of interacting with users through chatbots, instant messengers, private messages on social networks, etc. Now there are more and more tools for implementing conversational marketing. For example, Instagram has updated the messenger, and Facebook Ads Manager now has the ability to set up auto-replies to direct right at the stage of creating an advertisement.

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Gamification at it’s best

Since the isolation began, more and more people have shown interest in video and mobile games. Now everyone is playing not only for the sake of victory but also in order to kill time and dispel boredom. Hence, companies can use minigames to build brand loyalty. Remember how everyone played catch me in the story? More social media games are coming in 2021. Of course, bloggers most often use this tool, but brands already have experience using games.

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