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Are you itching to throw a house party or two? Parties are an excellent way for you to catch up with friends. And, it’s the perfect way for your friends to meet new people. 

But to make a party successful, first, you need to keep a few rules in mind. Below are some ideas on making your following and future house parties a success! 

1. Go All Out and Have Fun Decorating 

A house party gives you the chance to decorate. So embrace the creative person within and come up with a magical space! 

It all depends on the occasion, of course, but since it’s your house, have fun with it! 

For example, for a birthday party, you may want to get a decorative cake and balloons. Whereas for a retirement party, you could have a customized celebratory sign and cups. 

Here are a few more ways to decorate your house for a party: 

  • Put flowers on tables
  • Get a neon party sign
  • Sprinkle confetti on countertops
  • Put balloons in each room
  • Dress up your pets for the party
  • Hang curtain string lights
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2. Have a Great Playlist 

No house party is complete without a fantastic playlist! Base the music you select on the people you’re entertaining. 

For example, say you’re entertaining an older crowd. Then you may want to stick with jazz or something more relaxing. 

If you’re entertaining a younger generation, though, creating a playlist of the latest hits should be a hit! 

3. Create a Facebook Invite 

You may want to send out invites the old-fashioned way via snail mail. And you can certainly do that if you plan far enough in advance. 

An easy way to invite people to the party is by creating a Facebook invite. That way, people can accept or decline the invite with ease. 

When inviting people, make sure the friends you invite are diverse. Depending on the size of the party, you don’t want it to be awkward if only a few show up. Asking several people ensures that more people RSVP. 

You should indicate somewhere on the invite page that friends can bring guests along. Assume that people will bring guests and plan accordingly. 

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4. Allow Enough Room 

For people to feel at ease at a party, they must have enough room to walk around and converse. With COVID-19 these days, you want to make guests feel comfortable. So, keep this in mind as you decide on where guests will socialize in the house. 

It may be that you will need to expand the party to a guest room as well. If you have an outside deck, create space for guests to sit down and relax. In addition, being in the fresh air is ideal for guests who care to have a smoke. 

Besides, if they were to smoke inside, there may be an issue of contact highs from marijuana. Not only that but second-hand smoke or allergies from cigarettes may bother guests. 

Regarding party contact highs, if you’re curious how they work, Veriheal goes into more detail about it.

5. Make Introductions 

When you have the party, be sure to introduce people who don’t know one another. It can be awkward for people to introduce themselves. So, introducing friends to one another can be helpful. 

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You may also want to be a part of the conversation for a few minutes. You can let both partygoers know they share a common interest for a conversation starter. For example, they may both like to dance or are going back to school to get another degree. 

Making introductions make a party more fun. Plus, it takes away some of the awkwardness of meeting new people for the first time. 

If you want to introduce your friends one step further, you can play a quick game. Ask each person to share a tidbit about themselves that no one else knows. Doing this can spark excellent conversation. Whatsmore, it helps people learn more about everyone’s personality and what they may have in common.

Host a Memorable Party

In closing, parties are a lot of fun! Streamlining everything ahead of time will make things run smoothly. 

Your goal should be to host a memorable party where friends can enjoy themselves. If by the time the party ends your guests don’t want to leave, then you’ll know your party was a success!

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